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Olive Classics Womens


Arch Support: Our soles stabilize the arch of your foot in order to reduce – or even eliminate – pain. Good Feet Arch Supports, in particular, are designed to support all four arches of the foot, placing the feet in the ideal position, and aligning the body from the feet up.

Cork Sole: Cork insoles absorb shock, wick away moisture, and cushion your feet. Their ability to mold to the shape of your foot supporting each contour makes them an excellent choice.

Memory Foam Insert: Breaking in our sandals is a seamless transition because of a memory foam insert we have placed. There is no discomfort while you break in your sandal and your footbed starts to mold to your feet. 

  • Soft footbed; anatomically shaped with arch support
  • Upper: Leather
  • Footbed lining: suede
  • Sole: EVA & Rubber
  • Details: two straps, each with an adjustable metal tongue buckle 


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